Magical Easter Cakesicles

magical easter cakesicles

I feel like Cakesicles are popping up everywhere lately. First, I saw them on Pinterest (my favorite platform for creative inspo) but now they also have made their way on my Insta feet. Somehow I immediately felt inspired to create some of my own and with Easter being a mere weeks away, I didn’t think twice about what the theme should be.

magical easter cakesicles with colorful sprinkles and white chocolate

I immediately went over to Amazon to order a cakesicle silicon mold as well as some Easter-inspired sprinkles by Happy Sprinkles. If you live in Germany, you have to check them out! My friend Karen who is a literal baking queen first told me about them. Their website is really a dream!

teal cakesicles with Easter sprinkles

I wanted the cakesicles to be a nice teal color. So, I decided to use white chocolate and mix it with some spirulina powder. It didn’t quite turn out the way I’d imagined. Instead of teal the mixture had a rather dark green color. For the second batch, I decided to try some blue food coloring which worked out quite well.

As I don’t like going things to waste, I added some silver glitter to the dark green side which lightened it up and gave it an iridescent vibe. For the cake filling, I used my pancake batter which I just crumbled up and pressed into the mold. Instead of the included popsicle sticks, I used green and gold paper straws to make the cakesicles even more colorful.

easter cakesicle with happy sprinkles

I was really impressed at how well they turned out. I had some difficulties with the chocolate coating, though. It somehow didn’t become as runny as I’d liked. So, I have to do some more testing with that or maybe use a different chocolate. I would also recommend adding the sprinkles to the mold first. Otherwise they won’t really stick to the hardened chocolate.

bunny cakesicles in teal

I’m excited to experiment with cakesicles some more in the future. There are so many ideas in my head already! Until then, find the recipe for the magical Easter cakesicles below:

Magical Easter Cakesicles

Magical Easter Cakesicles are just the perfect addition to your Easter party. They not only make for a delicious treat but also add a pop of color to your Easter table.

  • cakesicle silicone mold
  • 7 oz white chocolate coating
  • cake mix of your liking (I used my pancake recipe)
  • a little blue food coloring (I used a natural vegan option)
  • edible silver glitter spray
  • colorful sprinkles of your choice (I used the Happy Easter! and Shy Princes Vegan sprinkles by Happy Sprinkles)
  1. Prepare pancakes or cake mix of your choice. Crumble into pieces.

  2. Slowly melt white chocolate coating in a water bath.

  3. Add a few drops of blue food coloring to achieve a teal color.

  4. Put a few sprinkles in the cakesicle mold and then add a light layer of colored white chocolate.

  5. Stick paper straws into the mold.

  6. Add crumbled pancake or cake mix.

  7. Finish with another layer of white chocolate.

  8. Let the cakesicles harden in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

cakesicle, Easter
colorful cakesicles as Easter treat

Have you ever tried making cakesicles before? Share your experiences and creations with me either in the comments below or over on the ‘gram @champagnewithmadeleine

Signatur Madeleine

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