Champagne with Madeleine - the intuition-led wellness-styled lifestyle podcast
Welcome to the Champagne with Madeleine Podcast – the intuition-led wellness-styled lifestyle podcast. On here, I discuss all things we as millennials deal with in our day to day lives. From healthy eating, to movement, spirituality (astrology, human design, manifestation), wellness, and what it feels like to be a new mom. Always real, alway raw! So put on your favorite outfit, pop that bubbly, SUBSCRIBE & LISTEN!

Ep. 1: Welcome to Champagne with Madeleine | 31.12.2020

Ep. 3: Numerology + Astrology Forecast 2021 | 13.01.21

Ep. 5: Carl Gryting on life as a millennial in New York City, lockdown + the future of work | 02.02.21

Ep. 7: Chirayu Navalkar on how to fearlessly stand out from the crowd + chase after your dreams | 18.02.21

Champagne with Madeleine Episode 7 with Chirayu Navalkar

Ep. 2: 2021 – The Year to shine bright + listen to your intuition | 04.01.2021

Ep. 4: Orthorexia, Diet Culture + Intuitive Eating: My Journey to more Body Love | 21.01.21

podcast episode 4 diet culture orthorexia intuitive eating

Ep. 6: Racquel Wallen on intuitive eating, diet culture + health at every size | 11.02.21

podcast episode on intuitive eating, diet culture, and being healthy at every size

Ep. 8: Solo Episode: You are the Creator of your Life | 25.02.21

Podcast Episode 8 You are the Creator of your Life