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    Easter Weekend Recap

    Easter Weekend Recap

    Happy Tuesday, loves! I hope you had a great Easter. We celebrated the first Easter with William and it was such a blessing. Even though my aunt and uncle couldn’t make it, we had friends over and Roman’s dad came to visit on Sunday. Mommy made her infamous eggnog and I created a delicious elderflower […]

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  • Intuitive Parenting

    Intuitive Parenting

    You know I’m all about intuition. And since becoming a parent, listening to my intuition has become so much more important. I remember how lost I felt the first few weeks even months after Williams birth. I was beyond scared to screw things up, to mess up his life for good. Who was I after […]

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  • The first holiday season with a newborn

    The first holiday season with a newborn

    Are you also already in the Christmas cheer? The minute Halloween was over, we got our Christmas plates out (as you probably saw on Instagram). I used to wait at least until Thanksgiving before I put away all the Fall stuff and got out the Christmas decor. But since the pandemic hit, time got a […]

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  • My Favorite Fall Finds

    My Favorite Fall Finds

    Happy November, y’all! You are probaby wondering why I share my favorite Fall finds now that Halloween is over. To be honest, between starting a new job, being a full-time working mom now, and taking care of an almost 6 months old, life has been a little crazy. To say the least. So yes, why […]

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  • Life as a working mom

    Life as a working mom

    It’s been a hot minute since I last published here. Life has been a whirlwind lately. From moving back home to starting a new job, you could say 2021 continues to be nothing short of life changing experiences. But let‘s start from the beginning. It was around my birthday this year that I made the […]

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