My Newborn Must Haves for every new Mommy

My Newborn Must Haves for every new Mommy

Currently in week 5 with a newborn and wanting to share my top newborn must-haves. These itmes turned out to be very useful when navigating life as a new momma. I have to admit, for me nesting didn’t take place before birth but rather afterwards. As a soon-to-be mommy, I didn’t really know what to expect ergo didn’t feel the need to buy a bunch of stuff beforehand (we also go most of the basics gifted or handed down). But now that I’m in the midst of mom life, I see and experience first hand what comes handy. I also love to turn to other moms to learn from them. This is such a chaotic yet exciting time so knowing you are not alone definitely helps.

newborn must haves

For breastfeeding

Calving Klein Bralette – I purchased a set of comfy breastfeeding bras during pregnancy. With my breast slowly outgrowing my regular bras, I just needed something comfy. As soon as William was here, I realized how inefficient they actually were. Unclasping the bra everytime you wanted to breastfeed and then trying to clip it back on while holding a newborn just didn’t do it for me. Then I discovered the Calvin Klein bralette. It feels super soft on your skin and can easily pulled down to latch your baby on. Oh, and it looks super stylish too!

Pregnancy Pillow – You’ve probably seen me carrying this one around during pregnancy. But I never knew how handy it would come while breastfeeding. I usually sit up straight on the couch or in bed, my back supported with some pillows. I then wrap the pregnancy pillow around me and comfortably rest my arms with him inside on it. Or, I just have his head resting in my ellbow while the rest of the body lays on the pillow. He has fallen asleep this way many times too.

Swaddles – I never knew I needed these but I definitely do (and the ones by Atelier Choux are super cute too)! Babies spit more than you think and they are not the cleanest drinker/eater either. I always make sure to have at least one swaddle by my side when breastfeeding. If you have multiple spots throughout the house or appartment, make sure to equip each with a swaddle. This way you don’t have to run around to grap one when your baby is hungry. Because let’s be honest: when they are hungry, they are HANGRY!

atelier choux swaddle with air balloons
atelier choux swaddle with gift box

Meleda pump – I first rented the big double pump when I came out of the hospital because he had trouble latching on. As soon as he got the hang on it, I returned it and bought this electrical pump. It’s so great if you are on the go or even at home to pump a little milk and store it either in the fridge for later or in the freezer. Even though I want him to drink directly from the breast, it’s very convenient to have a bottle ready when on the go or when you want to go out and leave the baby with someone else.

Bottle cleaner – Discovered this only a few days ago. Before that i would clean the bottle with a little detergent and my hands, never reaching to the bottom. It also comes with a little extra brush specifically for the nipple.

For the diaper changing business

Lillydoo diapers – I’m not sponsered by them (also open to it) but these are hands down the best diapers! We were gifted two diaper cakes with Pamper and Hipp diapers and I always felt like he would get little pimples from them. They also didn’t feel really soft to me. The lillydoo diapers not only come in a cute design but feel super comfy. And they offer subscription service so you never have to worry about running out of diapers ever again.

Organizer baskets – These not only look stylish but also keep all your neccessities organized. I was gifted one by my friend where I store all his toiletries. The other one I bought on Amazon to have the diapers always within reach.

A small towl – This is a total must-have when you have a boy. They somehow have this habit to pee the moment you remove their diaper and are about to clean them. Putting a little towl or washcloth over their penis will save you many wet moments.

A washable changing pad – My mom bought a very cute changing pad saying the little prince. The only downturn? It’s not washable. Besides the above mentioned unplanned peeing incidents, babies also tend to uncontrollably move around (at least mine does), smearing poo everywhere. It also happened to me that he would take another dump while laying on the table. So having a changing pad you can just wipe clean afterwards will save you lots of time and washing cycles.

For a good night’s sleep

Cosy me sleeping bag – This one has been such a game changer. William tends to be very active in his sleep. Specifically his arms will move around uncontrollably causing him to get scared and wake up. In this sleeping bag your baby will feel safe and warm like in your womb. As soon as I put him in there, he feels cozy enough to fall asleep.

A pair of very comfy PJ’s – Just realized this today. It doesn’t really make a difference but definitely adds a nice touch to your bedtime routine.

For the traveling baby

MyJunior Charity Edition HOPE stroller – I seriously love this stroller – also known as baby porsche amidst my friends and family – so much. It’s very easy to handle and comes with a lot of equipment. I opted for the 2 in 1 option as the baby seat is supposedly not as good. The diaper bag is super stylish that I didn’t even mind exchanging it for my beloved LV Neverfull. Still felt like I wanted the freedom to use other bags as well when out and about with the baby. So I ordered a diaper organizer that keeps everything tiday in regular bags.

Lilibell Bag Organizer – I came across this bag organizer while scrolling through Instagram (Insta ads know how to get you every time). And I’m so glad I did. This organizer fits into any lager bag you used before having a baby. But now it keeps all the belongings you need with a child like diapers and wipes neat and tidy. I ordered it in pink for my LV Neverfull bag. So cool if you want to change things up instead of carrying around the diaper bag all the time.

Portable Changing Pad – This comes so handy when you are traveling. You can use it in the car, in your hotel room or rental and your baby is always safe.

Manduca Sling – William sometimes has a hard time calming down. The only thing that helps is carrying him close to me. I tried a regular carrier at first but felt like I couldn’t adjust it tightly enough. It always felt like he was hanging kind of in there. Then I ordered this wrap and it has been a total game changer. While he snuggles closely to me, I can move around freely which definitely satisfies both of us.

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