Pregnancy Q&A

Pregnancy Q&A

I love to read about other new moms’ pregnancy journey, so I thought I share a pregnancy Q&A with you guys. I’m currently in week 37 and it’s not long until our little prince will come to the world. I’m definitely excited but also a bit scared. It’s crazy to think that I’m almost at the end of my first pregnancy.

When did you find out that you were pregnant?

We found out that I was pregnant when I was in week 5. I did a pregnancy test because I hadn’t gotten my period in 2 months. This didn’t strike me as unusual as I had struggled with my period quite a bit for the last few years. My body reacts very sensitive to stress. The pandemic was still in full swing and in July I had just decided to let go of my activewear brand I had been working on for over 3 years. You could say there was a lot going on and pregnancy was far from my mind. But funnily enough, I had felt the presence of a spirit baby around me already throughout June and July.

How did you feel when you found out about your pregnancy?

I have to admit that I didn’t feel happy nor excited right away. I always thought I would be at a way different state in my life with a stable career, settled down in a beautiful home, married, and so on. But you know what they say: When you plan, God laughs. So, yes it was kind of a shock but then again it also was a blessing. I had just turned 30 and Roman is 46. I always wanted to start having children with 30, anyways. So hindsight, it was the perfect timing. And as I mentioned before, he was just waiting to finally come to us.

37 week pregnant woman
How did you tell your boyfriend?

I wish I could tell you a very romantic story but I just left the pregnancy test on our kitchen table for him to see when he got home. I was so startled myself, I needed someone to share the news with and talk about what was going on in my head. To be honest, I didn’t quite believe in the accuracy of the test, either. Or maybe I didn’t want to believe it.

How did your boyfriend react to the news?

He definitely reacted way better than I did. First, he asked me if it was a pregnancy test laying on the kitchen table and what the two lines meant. I told him that it meant that I was pregnant. He was very excited right away and told me that we had been wanting to start a family anyways. So, why not now.

Who Else did you tell about your pregnancy?

I actually wanted to wait until my gyn appointment. But of course, I couldn’t keep it from my parents for too long. My mom had expected something anyways as I had an emotional breakdown on my birthday in August. Which is very unlikely for me. Then the first trimester symptoms hit. When I told my mom over the phone how I felt, she immediately knew what was up. I nevertheless asked her to not tell anyone yet until I was out of the first trimester. I told a close friend of mine, too, because we had just started a new venture together. But with the first trimester nausea and weakness hitting me so hard, I wasn’t able to continue it.

26 weeks pregnant woman
What was your first trimester like?

For me, it was hell. I didn’t experience morning sickness but I constantly felt nauseous. I completely lost my appetit and was incredibly tired and fatigued. The first few weeks I was barely able to get out of bed in the morning. Let alone eat something. The pure thought of food made me gawk, especially healthy food (which my diet mostly consisted of before). I suddenly craved lots of carbs like pasta and bread. Every time I thought about healthy or even vegan food, my stomach turned around. I would get Chili Cheese Nuggets at Burger King or a McMuffin at McDonald’s for breakfast. Foods that had totally disappeared from my nutrition plan for years. I literally was a changed person. This scared me so much that I googled if it was normal to have your eating habits totally upsidedown. Apparently, it was. I also deleted my Insta account and lost interest in readings blogs of any kind. All I could do was watch cooking shows and then Gossip Girl.

If you want the full story check out the First Trimester Pregnancy Vlog I filmed over on my YouTube channel.

What did your workout routine look like during pregnancy?

My workout routine was literally non-existent during the first trimester. I was just too weak. If I could come up with the strength, I’d go on a slow walk around the block to get some fresh air. This always helped. Additionally, we had some very hot days in September. I’m usually a total Summer person but now all I wanted was some fresh and crisp air. I remember my boyfriend coming home one day and asking me why I wasn’t sitting outside in the sun. I told him that I just couldn’t bear it. This all changed once I hit the second trimester. I introduced yoga, deep toning, and some light stretching back into my workout routine. I also now had enough strength to go on longer hikes even though I was out of breath more easily. This has well continued into my third trimester. Now that I’m getting closer and closer to the due date, I feel a little weaker again and need frequent breaks.

pregnancy stretches with a gym ball
What was the most surprising thing about pregnancy?

The most surprising thing was how smooth (apart from the first trimester) my pregnancy went. I always thought being pregnant would have a huge impact on my life. Up until now, I’m able to do anything I want to. I experience the occasional pull in my uterus and having very flat stomach before, I had to get used to a growing belly. I also didn’t have any crazy cravings or felt the need to eat tremendously more than pre-pregnancy. There were a few phases where I loved the vegan Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter ice cream or could eat hummus every day. But this mostly didn’t last long.

When did you first start to show?

I didn’t really show until well into month 5 of pregnancy. I had a very flat well-defined stomach before so I of course saw my body change. But I remember friends telling me that they couldn’t see anything at all. The first thing that actually grew were my breasts which I really had to get used to. I have a very athletic figure and are naturally small-chested. So it was weird to have these heavy things hanging from my chest all of a sudden now. It didn’t take long until my regular push-up bras didn’t fit anymore. Comfort is key during pregnancy so I invested in some maternity bras along with some nursing pads as little drops of yellow pre-milk soon started to leak out.

Are you having a boy or a girl?

A BOY which I knew even before I was pregnant. I know it sounds crazy but even as a little kid I knew I would have two boys and one girl one day.

pregnancy gender reveal
Do you have a name?

Yes, we do have name and have told friends and family. But we don’t want to share it publicly yet. It actually took us some time to find a boy name we both liked. Then the craziest thing happened. We finally settled on a name and when we went to the next gyn appointment the name appeared on the screen next to all the parameters. Like what???!!! I also saw the first letter carved into a stone on one of my walks before Christmas. Lastly, my mom was looking for baby bath towels and found one with a personalized name option. And guess which name appeared? Exactly! So yeah, this little guy is already very much present.

Do you have any fears?

I’m a Virgo and very much in my head all the time. So yes, worrying is my second nature. I had lots of fears in the beginning like how are we going to make it, me not having a stable career yet, living in a two-bedroom appartment and so on. The anxiety calmed down throughout my second trimester and most of my third. Now that I’m getting closer to birth all kinds of fears are creeping up again like what the birth will be like or how am I going to take care of a little human being. I try not to think too much about it and let life just play out. So many moms were able to do it before me so I’m sure I will just be fine.

What are your pregnancy must-haves?

I didn’t buy much for my pregnancy to be honest. What has been a game changer, though, is my pregnancy pillow and this super comfy maternity dress by Happy Mama. I’ve also been wearing my FABSOUL leggings a lot as my disgust for polyester clothes only grew during pregnancy. They are incredibly comfy and pair greatly with an oversized sweater or wider top. I will do an entire blog post about my pregnancy and baby must-haves soon.

pregnant woman with pink pregnancy pillow

Hope you enjoyed reading about my pregnancy experiences. Make sure to leave all your questions and comments below.

Signatur Madeleine

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