EP. 7: Chirayu Navalkar on how to fearlessly stand out from the crowd

Champagne with Madeleine Episode 7 with Chirayu Navalkar

Hey loves 💗 It’s Thursday again and you know what that means: time for champagne and great convos! Thursdays have always been my favorite day of the week. Not only because it’s the little sister of Friday but it’s also governed by Jupiter, the planet for expansion, authority, and knowledge! Seriously, what’s not to love!

Today on the podcast, I interview a friend of mind that I met while working at a local yoga studio. We not only bonded over our mututal love for yoga but also fashion, traveling, and matcha! We would have a matcha date with another one of our other friends at this amazing authentic matcha place here in Munich every other week. When we both left our jobs at the yoga studio back in 2019, he went back to India and has stayed there (partially due to COVID-19) ever since.

Chirayu Navalkar on how to fearlessly stand out from the crowd

While interviewing him, I realized how little I actually knew about him. So the conversation was really eye-opening and taught me so much about how multifaceted life can be if you just allow it to. If you are feeling stuck or struggling with life right now, this episode is definitely for you!

Throw on your favorite outfit, grab a glass of blubbly, and enjoy! 🎧🥂

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Signatur Madeleine

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