Ep. 4: Racquel Wallen on Intuitive Eating, Diet Culture + Health at Every Size

podcast episode on intuitive eating, diet culture, and being healthy at every size

It’s Thursday and you know what that means: a new podcast episode! This episode is really a special one as I talk to intuitive fitness coach Racquel Wallen about intuitive eating, diet culture and that being healthy has nothing to do with our body size. I actually came across her profile while scrolling through Instagram and was immediately caught by her uplifting and positive vibe. This girl is a real powerhouse, ya’ll!

She shares so many inspiring messages throughout the interview, I just had to write them down and share them with you seperately:

  • “You can exist as a healthy person in a different body size.”
  • “Intuitive eating is all about shutting up the diet voices in your head and eating the foods you actually want.”
  • “Be patient with yourself.”
  • “When it comes to exercise, try out a few things and see what you like the most.”
  • “Our bodies are smarter than MyFitnessPal or a fitness coach.”
  • “A toddler actually needs 1200 calories a day.”
  • “We determine a person’s health by his/her body size without knowing if they have been sick or going through stuff.”
  • “At the end of your life, people don’t remember what you weigh but what you were like as a person.”
quote at the end of your life people don't remember your weight but what you were like as a person

Seriously guys, how inspiring is she?! We really need more people like here in the fitness/wellness industry. Make sure to tune into the podcast below to get the whole feelgood energy!

listen now to the champagne with madeleine podcast

If you also can’t get enough of her vibrant energy, then follow her over on the ‘gram @racquelchris and also check out her website TheFitRac.

Signatur Madeleine

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