Flower-Power Denim Shorts

flower embroidered denim shorts

Happy Monday, fab people! After a rainy Sunday, summer is back in full swing today. And I know that short shorts are not neccessarily a new summer trend. But this year your usual denim shorts are getting a fun upgrade with applications, glitter, and embroidered details. Talk about all the Coachella vibes (minus the real Coachella).

flower power jeans shorts with applications - perfect Coachella boho style outfit

Visiting Coachella (something I’ve been dreaming on doing since I first heard of the festival) was actually on top of my bucket list for 2020. And then the year turned all our lifes upside down. And maybe much needed. This way we’re taught to let go of control and let God/the Universe (whatever you want to call it) take the lead.

Life is meant to be lived (not forced) after all!


This doesn’t mean you can still dress like you would go to Coachella! And that’s where these flower power denim shorts are coming in!

Coachella jeans short with flower applications
high rise jeans shorts with flower embroidery - flower power Coachella outfit boho chic

I found these denim shorts in a small boutique during my vacay in Antibes in the South of France. No, actually my mom was the first who spotted them. You know that I’m always looking for pieces with a little twist. And these high-rise denim shorts with the rose and silver flowers sewn onto one leg as well as some embroidery were right up my style ally.

summer hippie outfit for Southern Girls Girl next door outfit

It took another couple of days until I finally decided to go in and try them on. A rather usual shopping behavior for me on vacay (I know hard to believe). Somehow I first need to scan everything the boutiques offer there before I make my decision on what pieces to take a closer look at (kinda like I’m on a hunt).

Streetwear meets Hippie Glam

The minute I slid them on, I knew that me and these flower-power shorts were a match made in heaven. And how couldn’t they. I mean I’m just a hippie at heart. They fit so pefectly and at 20€ they were a total bargain (something not always too common when shopping in the South of France and wanting it look rather classy than trashy).

flower power high rise jeans shorts summer boho look

The looks you can create around these kind of shorts are endless but I especially love to pair them with a white crochet crop top (or any crop top to be honest) and either a pair of sneakers or my favorite sandals. Adding a silk scarf to your hair and a pair of big looped earrings and you have a streetwear meets hippie glam style. And I’m just the queen of mixing together styles!

coachella outfit with white laced crop top and high rise jeans shorts with flower application

Oh, and a little side story about the African bracelet I’m wearing. Every year (besides in 2020), Berlin celebrates the ‘Carnival of Cultures’. I’ve been going there since I was a little kid. First with my parents and then later with my boyfriends at that time. One year, I think I was around 7 or 8 years old, a black woman with her child sat next to me on the subway on our way home. I remember seeing her bracelet and being immediately intrigued by it (I always had a thing for African culture and I’m pretty certain that I was black in a previous life). She must have seen my admiration and asked me if I wanted to have the bracelet. My little heart was overfilled with joy as I nodded yes and she helped me slide it over my wrist.

how to style high rise jeans shorts for a summer hippie look

I’ve cherished it since then. Luckily, it still fits as their is no latch to open or close it. Every time I put it on, I remember the situation in the subway – wondering how the family is doing now and if she knows how much joy she brought me that day!

summer hippie look with flower power jeans shorts and white crochet crop top

I think this story shows that small kind gestures can make a huge difference in someone else’s day (or even life)!

Since I couldn’t find the pair of denim shorts online, I searched the internet for similiar pieces to share with you!

Shop the style below

The photos were taken on our latest trip to Saxonian Switzerland where Roman’s parents live. One of the highlights I’m always looking forward to is the fresh trout. It’s so delicious and if you want to know more about this beautiful part of Germany, check out my Saxon Switzerland travel guide.

Have a great start to this new summer week!

Signatur Madeleine

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