Fit Friday: Gain Booty Not Thighs Workout

Fit Friday: Gain Booty Not Thighs Workout

Mercury retrograde is a thing, ya’ll! Even though I believe in astrology, I never bought into the entire Mercury Retrograde thing (for those of you who are not familiar with the concept: when Mercury goes retrograde, everything from technology to communication to travel is affected). But then I had such trouble uploading the new ‘Gain Booty Not Thighs Workout’ video to my YouTube channel. This planet seems to be messing with us after all.

I shot this video before I went on vacay in the beginning of June (can you believe it’s already almost one month ago?!). And since I wanted to uplevel the quality of my videos, I taught myself how to edit with Premier Pro. This alone took me hours on end. Seriously guys, Premier Pro is so complex when you are used to working with iMovie. But as with anything, practice makes the pro! And you know, I never shy away from a good challenge.

I finished editing just in time for us to leave for the French Riviera when I realized that exporting the video took way longer than with iMovie (like crazy long!).

Once in our appartment in Juan-les-Pins, I tried it again. But unfortunately it took double the amount. When I finally had the file ready, the internet connection was so slow that uploading it in a reasonable time frame was impossible.

Mercury stationed direct and uploading became a breeze

I somehow managed it anyways but then YouTube wouldn’t process the video. I was so annoyed at this point that I decided to give it a rest and try back home again. This was hard for me as I don’t like derailing from my set plan. But the universe obviously had a different plan.

Back home, uploading was a breeze and I was almost ready to publish when I saw that a big chunk of the video was missing. Believe that I almost had it by now.

Then yesterday, I decided to give it one last try. And you know what? It worked out seamlessly!

So now I can finally share with you my newest workout video!

Remember while doing it, how much work goes into these things. I think we oftentimes take all the things that are offered to us for free on the Internet for granted. But someone put a lot of time and effort into creating what you are consuming. I think this entire experience made me more appreciative of what we have access to (even in times of social distancing and staying at home).

Alright, enough of the talking! Slip into some fab activewear, roll out your mat & let’s get moving!

Still in the mood for more? Then check out the Fabulous Lower Abs Burn Workout or the Fabulous Inner Thigh Workout.

Let me know how much you like this Gain Booty Not Thighs workout @madeleinestanev

Signatur Madeleine

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