Introducing Champagne With Madeleine

I always wanted to become a blogger. No wrong, I actually always wanted to work as a journalist. In fashion, that is. Do you remember the Devil Wears Prada? Actually, I didn’t want to have a crazy boss like this but I kinda imagined my life that way: living in New York, dressing in the latest fashion, and attending all the hottest events around town.

Carrie in Sex and the City? More like it! At least I have the curls down.

Then back in…when was it? 2002? 2004? The first fashion blogs emerged and my picture started to shift: Sitting in a cafe with my Macbook writing about things that inspired me, taking ultra chic photos of my style, attending the hottest events (at least the last part stayed the same).

Exploring different directions gave me the clarity on what I wanted

But as with every area in my life, I first had to explore what else was out there. Because even though I knew exactly what I wanted all my life (with my career or relationship), seeing and experiencing different things ensured me that I didn’t need to course correct along the way. It also taught me to respect and honor different people and their perspective/take on life.

your mind creates your reality

Like going through different fashion phases growing up (I was anything from goth to Playboy barbie) helped me to find my unique style.

Or when I met Roman, I knew right away that he was the one. I had seen and tried enough to knew exactly what I wanted out of a relationship and a partner. All these previous ‘wrong’ matches were vital for me to not reach a point in our relationship where I felt I had missed out on something.

I used to feel ashamed of my lack of linearity but now that I see it from a different perspective, I’m proud of it.

Because taking several detours in my career (or life in general) made me realize what I actually wanted (and more importantly not wanted).

I went through different blogging phases before finding my niche

So yes, also the topics of my blogs evolved over the years. It’s always funny to look back and see how my creativity played out back then.

Here are the names of the blogs I started (and ended) before finally finding the direction I wanted to go:

  1. Fitness Ananas: a blog about fitness and healthy food + it was in German
  2. The Cosmopolitan Bossbabe: I had just founded FABSOUL® and thought it would be great to share entrepreneurial tips and tricks
  3. Madeleine Stanev Fit: a blog again dedicated to fitness and health related topics but with a focus on more mindfulness and intuition

But somehow I never consistently stuck to them. None of these blogs really felt like me. They didn’t show my real personality but rather a copy someone else’s that was already publicly accepted and where I hid behind.

Back then, I was certain that people would dislike me if they knew who I really was.

I always felt I had to hide my true self from the world

A pattern that somehow manifested during my high school years. Even though I went to a private school with all the kids from rich and influential people, it was a rather conservative environment. I remember being the first one experimenting with make up or clothes besides the usual jeans poloshirt combo (you could say I always was a little out of the ordinary).

I remember people looking at me and giving their two cents about the way I dressed or behaved. This didn’t prevent me from doing what I wanted but it kind of gave me the impression that I wasn’t accepted the way I am and that I had to become like the others to be socially accepted.

luxury fashion blogger outfit

I just always had a thing for the luxury lifestyle. I always loved designer clothes, handbags, shoes, you name it. It’s just in my DNA. But growing up, I felt like I had to hide this from my peers to not be seen as snobby. Going on to college where people from all walks of life were thrown together, I had an even stronger urge to hide my true self. So, I started to live a double life. On the outside I would dress like everyone else to not attract too much attention and on the inside I would go all out with my love for luxury pieces.

Slowly I became very good at adapting to my surroundings. A skill I value a lot but I first had to learn how to use to my advantage. Imitating everyone around me rather than being proud of my individuality, is neither right nor healthy in the long run.

Welcome to my fabulous champagne filled world

I’m turning 30 this year and with everything that has been going on in the world, I finally feel like I had enough of hiding behind the curtains. Why should I? To get the golden star at the end? And aren’t the most interesting people the ones that stand out from the masses? The ones that polarize a little bit?

quote the meaning of life is living

Because let’s be honest, how boring would life on earth be if we were all the same? There would be no room for growth, no room for creativity, and ultimately no room for innovation.

So yes, I’m excited to take you on this journey with me! I’m excited to show you who I really am with all my facets. And I’m excited for you to have the freedom to decide if I’m for your or not. That’s the beauty of our time and of the internet: there are so many amazing and talented content-creators out there from all areas of life.

You have the uniqueness of humanity at your fingertips at all time!

Introducing Champagne with Madeleine

Ok, with that said and out of the way, now to the interesting things: What can you expect from this blog and why did I choose ‘Champagne with Madeleine’?

The name came to me during one of my creative phases and while I was experimenting with YouTube a little bit. I’m just a sucker for a cold glass of champagne (you know the luxury gal I am). And with the way ‘Madeleine’ is pronounced in German, it just makes the perfect rhyme.

I originally wanted it to be a YouTube talk show (and who knows what the future holds). But the more I thought about it and the more I talked to my friends, I came to the conclusion to use it as my brand name!

Because let’s be honest Champagne just makes everything better.

Champagne stands for luxury, for elegance, for living the good life. Celebrating something big? Have a glass of champagne! It always brings this special something to the mix.

lifestyle blogger with glass of champagne

And that’s exactly what I (and this blog) are all about. I’m naturally good at throwing a little something extra to the mix (like adding rose gold glitter icing to an already fabulous cake). Whether with fashion, food, travel or anything in between, nothing is ordinary with me.

By following me you can be certain that you are up for something great! You can be certain that I will only share the creme de la creme with you.

Because life is just too short to not feel fabulous every day!

Happy to have you on the journey with me! Let’s toast to that. With a glass of champagne that is!

Signatur Madeleine

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  1. ohmygoodness I love your aesthetic! gorg


    1. Aww, thank you so much! Love that you like it 🙂


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