A Yellow Summer Outfit to brighten up your Monday

yellow summer outfit fashion

Happy Monday, guys! I actually love Mondays. For me it’s about new beginnings. Starting fresh and having an entire week filled with opportunities ahead of me (bright sunshine and a clear-blue sky doesn’t hurt either). But if you are suffering from a severe case of the Monday Blues, then I have something for you: a yellow summer outfit to brighten up your day!

Yellow hasn’t really been part of my closet in the recent years. I’m your traditional textbook girly girl, meaning I love to wear pink, in all kinds of shades. And white! White is always a summer staple of mine. I’m instinctively drawn to a white lace summer dress. Like always!

Wearing yellow brings a little sunshine to your life

This year, though, I wanted to change things up a little. My color range became a little too one-sided. If you know what I mean. I initially wanted to add more turqoise and mint to the mix (I’m such a sucker for ocean hues lately). But you know how it goes if you go shopping with a clear plan in your head. Miraculously you end up not finding anything at all or something you were totally NOT looking for.

yellow summer outfit vacation fashion South of France

So, as I went on my annual shopping spee during our vacay in the South of France (they have the best clothes there!), I didn’t find anything in my desired teal colors but lots of yellow pieces instead. Surprise, surprise!

Clearly the Fashion Gods wanted me to look outside the box…or…closet.

You know as a lefty, creativity is my gem. Throw a bunch of yellow clothes at me and I sure know how to create a fabulous summer outfit out of them.

I was surprised how good this color looked on me. To be fair, the sun had already kissed my skin quite a bit. So it was only natural that I now looked good wearing her favorite color, too.

yellow summer outfit fashion 2020

Because yes, yellow always looks better on darker skin. Actually, it looks best on black people! It just gets popping!

Even though I love a good head-to-toe yellow look, for this outfit I chose to throw a little white into the mix (another color that looks best on tanned or natural black skin).

My summer combo of 2020: high-rise bottoms + crop tops

I’m also especially fond of the high-rise bottom + crop top combo this year. I know, it’s nothing new but somehow it took me a while to jump on the train. Since I own a lot of colorful bottoms that look best in combination with a crop top, my summer fashion hunt this year was primarily focused on simple crop tops with a twist. You know like the icing on the cake or some rose gold glitter sprinkle on a cupcake.

yellow summer crop top high rise skirt combo

To be honest, my style is anything but simple so I think I don’t even own anything that not at least has a little touch of fairy dust.

I found this yellow crop top in one of my favorite boutiques in Nice. All pieces are handmade and to be honest, I could shop the entire store! The brand is called Antica Sartoria and I actually discovered it last year. Think 60s hippie style with a side of French Riviera chic. Just up my ally!

Have I mentioned how much I love to shop in the South of France? Seriously guys, I don’t shop the entire year only to spend all my money when at the French Riviera. Because, you know, life is too short to not dress your body in the most fabulous clothes!

Maybe I should do a little Cote d’Azur shopping guide next? What do you think?

I let you enjoy your Monday now. Hopefully with a side of sun to it!

yellow summer crop top

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Signatur Madeleine

3 responses to “A Yellow Summer Outfit to brighten up your Monday”

  1. LOVE that skirt. So cute and flowy!


    1. Thank you so much! It is one of my favorites!


  2. […] denim jacket is from Antica Sartoria and is currently 50% off! This is the label I also bought my yellow crop top from. It is seriously so comfy and looks as good with a dress as it does with a more sporty […]


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