Vision Boarding 101

how to make a vision board

2020 is already a few weeks old but with the Chinese New Year upon us (bye, bye, pig, and hello, rat!), it’s a great time to gain some clarity on your visions and goals. Some use journaling or lists but ever the visual person, I’m a big fan of vision boards. 

“A Vision Board is a collage of images and words representing a person’s wishes and goals, intended to serve as inspiration or motivation.”

Oxford dictionary

I did my first vision board back in 2005 while preparing for my confirmation. We were on a weekend getaway with all the other confirmees and I remember it to be a lot of fun.

I just recently stumbled across it and loved to see what my dreams looked like back then. The entire canvas was filled with pictures of soccer players (I was obsessed with soccer). And yes, it was my biggest dream to become a sports TV host one day. 

how to make a vision board
This is what my latest vision board from 4 years ago looks like. Yes, back then I wanted to become a Victoria’s Secret model 😀

A few years went by before I rediscovered the concept. But if I’m honest, I think I’ve always done vision boards. As a kid, I would tear out pages from magazines with pictures on them that inspired me and hang them in my room or put them in my diary. Being crafty has always been my happy place 

What does a vision board look like?

There is no one-size-fits-all concept when it comes to creating your vision board. Some people like to make lists, others draw mind maps or sketch something, and then they are the visuals like me who need pretty pictures to get inspired. Also, a combination of everything is possible.

My Pinterest vision board for the Tone It Up Bikini Series

The most important thing is that it inspires and motivates you on your path to achieving your goals. Nothing is too crazy or unrealistic (your mind creates your reality, after all). When you look at your board, you should be overfilled with joy and happiness. Pay very close attention to your feelings and alter your vision board until it totally aligns with you.

doubting yourself will kill all your dreams, vision boards help to stay on track

How to make a vision board

Since you only have limited space available on your canvas, you need to decide what is really vital to you and prioritize. You can make a vision board for each of your life goals (e.g. one for your career, one for relationships etc.) or you can put everything on one board. I suggest you choose 8-9 areas in your life you want to focus on. Those could be:

  • Family
  • Wealth/Finances
  • Success/Self-esteem
  • Relationship
  • Children
  • Hobbies/Leisure
  • Health/Spirituality
  • Knowledge/Personal Development
  • Job/Career

Where to put your finished Vision Board

You should definitely hang it in a place where you constantly see it. It definitely won’t be helpful if put in a box underneath your bed to never be seen again. Possible places could be over your desk, next to your bed, on your front door, on the refrigerator or in the hallway. It doesn’t really matter as long as you regularly see it. 

create a vision board and start believing in the power of you

In the beginning, I recommend that you take some time to look at it at least 2x a day. For example, in the morning, before you go to work, to set the right tone for your day, and then again at night, before you go to bed, to analyze if what happened that day was a step in the right direction.

How to work with your vision board

Congratulations! You are now one step closer to achieving all your dreams and goals. But the work doesn’t stop here. Looking at your vision board 2x a day and visualizing how good it will feel to live the life of your dreams, will not lead to the desired outcome (sorry, to break that to you). Now it’s on you to show the universe that you are totally worth it!

To avoid getting frustrated along the way, make sure to break down your goals into little actionable steps. 

Let’s say, for example, one of your goals for 2020 is to start your own business. First, think about a realistic timeline of when you will be able to start with your business. This depends on how extensive your business idea is. You can start a blog in a day while the development of an app will take much longer. 

say no that isn't the life you want

Then think about what steps you can take in the following week to get closer to getting this business off the ground. Maybe research start-up support services or workshops in your area, or think of people you know who are already successful entrepreneurs that you can get advice from. LinkedIn and Instagram are also great platforms to find people in your target industry.

Next, you need to inform yourself about the required paperwork, look at how to finance your idea (e.g. self-funded or investors), and see where you need to extent your skillset.

Write down all these little steps and give yourself a (realistic!) timeline by which you want to achieve them. This will help you to stay motivated as well as give you little successes along the way (which are always worth popping a bottle of champagne for). 

Don’t dream your life, live your dream

Now grab some color pens, paper, a few magazines or scroll through Pinterest, and start envisioning. Because what you put out in the world, will come back to you!

Vision Board Workshop

If you want to dive deeper into the concept of vision boarding, join me and my two friends for our upcoming Mindful Sunday Vision Board Event. A combination of deep stretch and meditation will help you to open your heart and mind to access your deepest longings and dreams. 

Sign up here

When? Sunday, 02.02.2020: 9.30-12.00 Uhr (we will have some breakfast -inspired snacks, coffee, and tea afterwards, so feel free to stay and connect as long as you like)

Where? MATES Maxvorstadt, Georgenstr. 66, München

What to bring? Comfortable clothes you can move in, yoga mat, pen & paper

We’re only holding 15 spots (UPDATE: 5 spots are left!), so better book now. Tell a friend to join – it’s even more fun!


Sign up here:

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My vision board for 2020:

vision board 2020

What are your goals for 2020? Share with me either below or over on the gram @madeleinestanev

Signatur Madeleine

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