Metallic Winter Style

silver metallic winter jacket by Moncler

On my way back to Munich after Christmas I spotted a girl at the airport wearing a purple metallic down jacket. I’ve seen these types of jackets around but didn’t feel like I needed one.

A couple of weeks went by. And then last Saturday, I had this sudden urge to go on a little shopping spree with my boyfriend. Funnily enough, silver metallic down jackets were popping up everywhere. I told my boyfriend how I had seen this girl with a metallic jacket at the airport and that I totally liked the style. 

We decided to give it a go and see how it would look on me.

The first one I tried was from Nike. The cut was rather angular like a bomber jacket. I looked like a Michelin man. Not really appealing. Also the fabric felt kind of weird like very heavily coated.

The second one I saw was by Bogner. The cut was more tailored, but I didn’t like that parts of the jacket were offset in black. It kept dawning on me that Moncler would probably be the only brand selling the jacket I liked.

The minute I entered the Moncler store, I saw the silver metallic down jacket of my dreams. The silver was not too kitchy but rather classy The cut was very feminine and hugged my body in all the right places. I was impressed how lightweight the jacket felt. I also liked the attached hood. Something that is definitely needed with this unpredictable German weather.

Higher quality pieces give you more bang for your buck

Roman and I immediately knew it would be this one or none at all. Yes, the price of Moncler jackets are rather high but to be honest, I really got to appreciate higher quality pieces in the recent years. The return you get is so much higher than if you would buy several cheap pieces.

This day, I also bought a new pair of leggings in leather optics. I snapped my old ones rather cheap last year and now the printed pattern came off. I would have black crumbs all over my hands when wearing them. Still, wearing faux-leather leggings with Uggs and a knit sweater is one of my favorite winter styles. Finding new ones was on top of my shopping list!

Luckily, Calzedonia had a major sale going on and they offered the exact ones I like. Being used to my cheap pair, I was very delighted by their great fit and how comfortable they felt on the skin.

These two new pieces are a great upgrade to my wardrobe and I was immediately inspired to create an outfit for our winter hike the next day. The boots I’m wearing are from the Italian brand Nis. I bought them a couple of years ago in a little boutique in Kitzbühel. They also were on the pricier side, but I’ve never regretted the purchase.

Italien shoes are made for walking

They are incredibly warm and quite resistant. I hiked with them in almost every weather condition from crazy rain to meter-high snow and they still look like I just bought them yesterday. Props to Italian shoemakers, they really know their craft!

The scarf from LV was a Christmas present by my parents and just fit perfectly to the jacket. I was a little worried when I got it because my regular winter jacket is red. Well, the fashion Gods were on my side this time as they urged Roman to buy me the silver jacket 🙂

Get ready to see this silver metallic down jacket in many more winter styles to come!

Signatur Madeleine

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